Large sites with a clear structure can have breadcrumbs displayed under the snippet (a number of links to sections in which the page is found). This navigation chain lets the user estimate the amount of information and the type of content on the site. They can go to the needed section in one click.

The breadcrumbs are formed automatically. To recognize the structure of the site and choose the titles, Yandex uses the sitelinks algorithm. We recommend giving your site a clear and simple structure.

To form breadcrumbs, the following conditions used by our algorithms must be met:

  • Breadcrumbs are formed only for large sites.

  • Breadcrumbs are built strictly by directories: the sections tree must match the URLs. For an address such as /index.php?cat=7873&item=6787 chains are not formed, but they are built for URLs like /cat7873/item6787.

  • The titles are chose based on the content of the title element and texts of links that lead to the page. We recommend providing a short page title in thetitle element and in the links. Recommended if the title element content and the link text are the same.