Indexing errors reference

Loading errors

List of errors returned by the Yandex robot if it fails to download a document from your site.

Error Description
Connection failure Connection interrupted when trying to download a document. After several attempts the download was stopped.
Text size limit exceeded The document is too long, try to break it in parts.
This document is prohibited in the robots.txt file The document is not indexed because you of another administrator prohibited it in the robots.txt file.
Invalid document address The document address doesn't meet the HTTP standard.
Document format not supported The server doesn't indicate the document format or indicates it incorrectly, or the indicated format isn't supported by Yandex.
DNS error DNS error. IP address of the host could not be determined by its name.
Invalid HTTP status code The server returns a status code that doesn't match the HTTP standard.
Invalid HTTP header HTTP header does not match the standard (including Yandex extension).
Connection with the server could not be established Connection with the server could not be established.
Invalid message length Message length is not indicated or is indicated incorrectly.
Wrong encoding Transfer-Encoding header is set incorrectly or the encoding is unknown.
Invalid data amount transferred The length of transferred data doesn't match the stated length. Data transfer is finished before or goes on after receiving the stated amount of data.
Maximum HTTP header length exceeded The length of HTTP headers exceeded the limit. It may be caused by the attempt to pass too many cookies.
Maximum URL length exceeded The length of URL address exceeds the limit.

Processing errors

List of errors returned by the robots in case they downloaded the document successfully but further processing was impossible.

Error Description
The document contains the noindex meta tag The document isn't indexed because it contains the noindex meta tag.
Wrong encoding The document contains characters that do not match the declared encoding.
Document is a server log The document was recognized as a server log. If it is a page created for site visitors, try to change it so that it won't look similar to a server log.
Invalid document format The robot found that the document doesn't match the declared format (HTML, PDF, DOC, RTF, SWF, XLS, PPT).
Encoding not recognized Document encoding wasn't recognized. Perhaps, the document doesn't contain text or contains text in different encodings.
Language not supported The document language isn't recognized or isn't supported. For details about all supported languages go to the relevant help section.
Document does not contain text The server returns an empty document.
Too many links The number of links on the page exceeds the limit.
Extraction error There was an error unpacking GZIP or DEFLATE data stream from the server.
Empty server response The server returned a response of zero length. Contact the administrator of the hosting server.
Document is not canonical The link element in the document code contains the rel attribute set tocanonical and pointing to another (canonical) document. Canonical document was indexed instead of the current document.

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