The hRecipe microformat

hRecipe is an (X)HTML markup standard for culinary recipes developed by an international initiative. This markup allows you to automatically process the recipes on the site pages. Semantic elements (the dish ingredients, the preparation method, the cooking time) are retrieved from the text. The markup isn't visible to the site visitors and does not affect the display of information on the page.

For example, a site page with the following recipe:

Chicken in beer with rice


  • 1 chicken

  • 0.5 l beer

  • salt

  • pepper

  • spices to taste

Cooking method:

  • Cut the chicken into pieces, put it in a baking dish, add salt, pepper and spices to taste.

  • Pour the beer on the chicken and put it in the oven.

  • Bake at 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

The HTML code of the page marked up with the hRecipe format looks like this:

<div class="hrecipe">
    <h1 class="fn">Chicken in beer with rice</h1>
        <li class="ingredient">
            <span class="amount">1</span>
            <span class="name">chicken</span>
        <li class="ingredient">
            <span class="value">0.5</span>
            <span class="type">l</span>
            <span class="name">of beer</span>
        <li class="ingredient">
            <span class="name">salt</span>
        <li class="ingredient">
            <span class="name">pepper</span>
        <li class="ingredient">
            <span class="name">spices</span>
            <span class="amount">to taste</span>
    <h2>Cooking method</h2>
    <ul class="instructions">
        <li class="instruction" >Cut the chicken into pieces, put it in a baking tray,             add salt, pepper, and spices to taste.</li>
        <li class="instruction" >Pour the beer on the chicken and put it in the oven.</li>
        <li class="instruction" >Roast at 180 degrees for 40–45 minutes.

The draft specification of the hRecipe format is at

For the fields processed by Yandex, see the Description of the hRecipe elements.

The hRecipe markup is processed at the same time as your website is indexed by the Yandex search robot. The extracted data is validated and can be used to display the recipe elements on the search results page (see Owners of culinary sites).


Note that the data marked with the hRecipe format becomes public and can be extracted and used by any service.

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The Yandex robot will be able to index the site information even without markup, and it doesn't affect displaying pages in the search results. To set the desired page description in the search results, use the Description meta tag.

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