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Site indexing
If the site doesn't appear or isn't updated in search results. Why did pages disappear from the search? Why aren't pages excluded from the search?
Changing the site address and mirrors
How do I change the site address or protocol (HTTP or HTTPS)? What do I do if the site has become a secondary mirror?
Why has the site's ranking changed? Why is the site's ranking in search results low?
Site regionality
Questions about site regionality.
Site's representation in search results
Information about the site title and description, sitelinks, and breadcrumbs.
Security and violations
Restrictions that may be applied to the site. Recommendations for correcting violations.
About the Yandex.Webmaster service
How do I use Yandex.Webmaster tools correctly?
Using Turbo pages technology on the site.
Adding a site and verifying rights
If you can't verify the rights to the site.
Report unauthorized copying of information from my site
If your site's content has been copied.
Report spam
If you notice that the site violates the Yandex search licenseplease report it through the Yandex Search feedback section.
I have a suggestion

Choose a topic from the list and describe what you would like to change in Yandex.Webmaster or Yandex search engine functionality. The team will try to take your opinion into account in the future updates.

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