How to reindex a site

To make sure that changes to your site are displayed in the Yandex search results faster, notify the indexing robot:

  1. In Yandex.Webmaster, go to Indexing → Page reindex.
  2. Enter the URL of the updated page in the field.
  3. Click Send.

The Yandex robot will visit the specified URL as a priority the next time it accesses the site.

You have reported a page included in the search

The changes will appear in the search results the next time the search database is updated, that is, within three weeks.

You have reported a new page
When the robot crawls the page, it loads it into its database. It will be displayed in the search results if it matches the user's search query. For more information, see How the Yandex search works.

An error occurred after sending a page for reindexing

If after some time the status on Indexing → Page reindex changes to Error, this means that the robot failed to index the page and update the information about it in the search database. Make sure that the page is accessible to the robot and the server returns the response quickly enough. Then send the page for reindexing.