Site diagnostics

Yandex.Webmaster monitors the quality of your site and warns you if errors are found.

The site is checked daily. The Webmaster page displays errors that were detected over the course of the day. To see the test dynamics for a past period of time, click Other days.

Information about errors doesn't affect the site's ranking or indexing. This information is just a recommendation, except for the “Fatal” and “Critical” categories. However, we do recommend making note of any messages that are displayed for your site.

Error category Description Note
Fatal Checks the connection to the server, site availability for indexing, security, and compliance with the

These issues may lead to lower rankings or excluding the site from search results.

We recommend monitoring these errors and fixing them as soon as possible

Critical Checks the expiration date of the site's domain, the number of broken internal links, and server response time
Possible issues Checks the validity of the Sitemap and robots.txt files, settings for displaying non-existent files, the presence of redirects, the number of duplicate pages, and so on May affect the quality and speed of indexing site pages
Recommendations Usually regarding improvements to the site's representation in search results Use the recommendations to improve the site's performance in search results