Sending multiple pages

Sends several URLs of the site pages to Yandex with IndexNow protocol support.
  1. Request format
  2. Response format
  3. FAQ

Request format


To send information about multiple pages, use JSON format:

POST /indexnow HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 286
  "host": "",
  "key": "EdD8dkmdNLlxREi2LkhJjYOH2kyQbJqM3cBKT5fX",
  "keyLocation": "",
  "urlList": [
Parameter Type Required Description
host String Yes Your site URL.
key String Yes The key verifying the site management rights.
keyLocation String No Path to the key, if it isn't placed in the root directory of the site.
urlList Array Yes

Contains URLs of the pages (String) for which you want to send the data.

You can send up to 10,000 URLs in one request.

Response format

HTTP code 200 OK

content-type: application/json

Other response codes:

Code Reason Description
400 Invalid params Incorrect parameters were sent in the request body
403 Invalid key The key couldn't be loaded or it doesn't match the URLs specified in the request.
405 Method not allowed The GET and POST methods are supported.
422 Invalid key location The keyLocation parameter is specified incorrectly.
422 Invalid url The request contains an invalid URL or the passed key isn't suitable for processing it.
422 Key must be at least 8 characters The key includes less than 8 characters.
422 Key must be no longer than 128 characters The key includes more than 128 characters.
422 Key must consist of a-Z0-9 or '-' The key contains invalid characters.
422 No host provided The host parameter is missing in the request.
422 No key provided The key is missing in the request.
422 No more than 10000 urls allowed The urlList parameter contains more than 10,000 URLs.
422 No url provided The url parameter is missing in the request.
422 Url list has to be an array The urlList parameter is missing or it is not an array.
422 Url list cannot be empty An empty urlList parameter was passed.
422 Url has to be an array of string The urlList parameter must contain String data.
429 Too Many Requests The number of requests for one IP address is exceeded.


How often can I send requests?
There is no limit on the number of requests, you can adjust their frequency yourself. Yandex uses algorithms that prevent too many requests.
Can I send the same URL multiple times a day?
We don't recommend sending the same URL too often. If necessary, send it with pauses (10 minutes). If the page is updated frequently, use other ways to report this to Yandex.
Can I send pages with HTTP code 404 via the API?
Yes, you can use IndexNow to report pages with a 404 or 410 code.
Can I send pages with the HTTP code 301 or 302 (redirection)?
Yes, you can send URLs with information about redirects or other changes.

If you have a question about how the tool works, choose the appropriate one:

See the recommendations in the Why is it taking so long for pages to appear in search results? section.

Use the recommendations on how to remove site pages or individual sections from search results. Search results are updated within two weeks.