Page statistics in search results

You can use Yandex.Webmaster to find out how well your site pages attract visitors from Yandex search results. This information will help you evaluate the effectiveness of page snippets and make them more informative if necessary.

Yandex.Webmaster displays the first 3000 pages that are shown in the top 50 positions in search results.

Statistics are available at Search query → Page statistics.

  1. Available metrics
  2. How you can use page statistics

Available metrics

A variety of metrics can be used for analysis. The following are shown by default:

You can add more to the report (the report can show a maximum of six). You can also build a separate report for each metric.

The color indicates an increase (green) or decrease (red) over the time period. The difference in numbers is calculated as compared to the previous period.

Data in the Yandex.Webmaster report may differ from data from other Yandex services.

How you can use page statistics

Find out which site pages are visited most often in a particular region
  1. Select a region from the list. The list shows the regions where the site was shown in the top 50 search results at least once. Regions are sorted by number of impressions.
  2. Sort the data by clicks.
Determine which page snippets are most effective on different user devices
  1. Select a device type from the All devices list.
  2. Sort the data by clicks or CTR.
Evaluate the effectiveness of a particular page
There are several ways to specify a page:

Start typing the page URL or select it from the list.

When you view the report for the selected page it will display all metrics available in Yandex.Webmaster.

Compare pages by a single metric

Go to the Indicator: not selected list and select the metric that you want to build a report on (for example, average position).