Robots.txt parsing errors


List of errors when parsing the robots.txt file.

Error Yandex extension Description
Rule doesn't start with / or * Yes

A rule can start only with the / or * character.

Multiple 'User-agent: *' rules found No

Only one rule of this type is allowed.

Robots.txt file size limit exceeded Yes

The number of rules in the file exceeds 2048.

No User-agent directive in front of rule. No

A rule should always follow the User-agent directive. Perhaps, the file contains an empty line after User-agent.

Rule too long Yes

The rule exceeds the length limit (1024 characters).

Incorrect Sitemap URL Yes

The Sitemap file URL should be specified in full, including the protocol. For example,

Invalid Clean-param directive format Yes

The Clean-param directive should contain one or more parameters ignored by the robot, and the path prefix. Parameters are separated with the & character. They are separated from the path prefix with a space.


List of warnings when parsing the robots.txt file.

Warning Yandex extension Description
You may have used an invalid character Yes

The file contains a special character other than * and $.

Unknown directive detected Yes

The file contains a directive that isn't described in the rules for using robots.txt. This directive may be used by the robots of other search engines.

Syntax error Yes

The string cannot be interpreted as a robots.txt directive.

Unknown error Yes

An unknown error occurred while analyzing the file. Contact the support service.

URL validation errors

The list of the URL validation errors in the Robots.txt analysis tool.

Error Description
Syntax error

URL syntax error.

This URL does not belong to your domain

The specified URL does not belong to the site for which the file is parsed. Perhaps you entered the address of a site mirror or misspelled the domain name.