My sites

Sites you add in Yandex Webmaster are displayed on the My sites page.

This is where you can track key metrics:

  • The number of pages visited by the Yandex robot during indexing.
  • The number of pages that participate in the search.
  • The connection status and the number of pages in the product search.
  • Errors and banning feeds in the product search.
  • Status of Yandex Metrica tag crawling. You can go to the Yandex Metrica tag by clicking the icon.

    To make the Yandex robot start crawling the pages where the tag is installed, click Activate. If the tag is linked to the site in Yandex Webmaster, enable crawling. If not, send a request to link it.

If you change the site URL or the protocol over which it is available (from HTTP to HTTPS), the old site URL is no longer the main mirror. The URL you are moving to will appear in the site list. To get information about its status in the search, verify your rights to manage it.

Removing a site from Yandex.Webmaster

Note. When you remove a site from Yandex.Webmaster, its pages aren't excluded from search results. Removing a site doesn't affect its indexing.

After removal, the site is no longer displayed in Yandex.Webmaster to the user who removed it. If other users have rights to manage the site in Yandex.Webmaster, these rights are preserved. To revoke them, reset the site rights for other users before you remove the site from Yandex.Webmaster.

On the site, delete the changes you made to verify the rights (for example, a meta tag or DNS entry).

To remove a site from Yandex.Webmaster:
  1. Go to the My sites page.
  2. Click the icon next to the site.

The site disappears from the My sites page if you didn't verify the site management rights within a month after adding it to the service.


Does adding a site to my list of sites affect how fast it will be indexed?
Registering a site in the service doesn't affect indexing. To speed up site indexing, follow the recommendations.
Can someone else get information about my site?
The website information is available to users with website management rights:To find out who can access the site in Yandeex.Webmaster, go to the Access rights page.