Description meta tag

The Description meta tag content is a source for descriptions in site snippets in the Yandex search results. The snippet includes the text that is most informative and relevant to the search query.

If the pages don't have a Description meta tag, you will see a notification in the Site diagnostics section in Yandex.Webmaster.

The meta tag is usually placed inside the head element:

<meta name="Description" content="..."/>

The meta description should:

  • Be unique for every site page.
  • Be informative, with grammatically correct sentences, without abuse of keywords and phrases, capital letters, advertising slogans, and so on.;
  • Reflect the current page status.
  • Match the document language.
  • Differ from the content of the title element.
Examples of bad meta descriptions
  • Meta descriptions with temporary or internal information, like “Don't forget to add text here”.
  • Outdated descriptions. For example, the prices on the site changed, or the described document is now located at a different URL, but the description hasn't been updated.
  • Important information is at the end of the text. Place important information and phrases at the beginning of meta descriptions.
  • A short description of a few words.

If pages don't appear in the search results for a long time or were excluded from them, provide examples of such pages in the form.