SMS fraud

The “Your site may be linked to SMS fraud” in Yandex.Webmaster if the site uses methods that allow debiting money from the user's mobile account without their knowledge. For example, such a site may offer an SMS subscription to a service. However, information about the subscription price isn't provided explicitly or isn't available at all.

For more information about SMS fraud, see Yandex.Browser Help.

Check whether such actions are performed on your site pages. These methods are often implemented through various partner programs. Make sure that the site uses only the codes of partner programs that you trust. If you provide paid services, make sure that the terms of use are accessible for users and easy to understand.

If you already fixed the violations, wait for the automatic recheck. If it doesn't detect any misleading content, a warning in Yandex.Browser will be removed automatically within a month. If after a month the site still opens with a warning, it is likely that the violations were not completely eliminated. In this case, make sure that all the violations are cleared and wait for a recheck.