In order to ensure maximum service availability, Yandex.Metrica imposes limits on the rate of API requests from users. If quotas are exceeded, all further actions by the user are temporarily blocked. The API returns a response with the 429 HTTP status Too Many Requests. The message body contains information about the type of quota exceeded.

Restriction Quota Unlock from exceeded quota block
Number of requests from a single IP address 30 per sec When the number of API requests in the last second drops below 30
Number of parallel requests per user (user_login) 3 When the number of parallel API requests is less than 3
Number of requests per user (user_login) 5000 per day At midnight Moscow time (UTC+3)
Number of requests per tag
Number of added representatives per tag 3 per hour At the beginning of each hour (00 minutes)
Number of requests to access a single tag

Request rate is calculated separately for each API method group:

  • client_read — Reading parameters for a tag or a Yandex.Metrica user account. All the methods in the Management API belong to this group.
  • client_write — Saving parameters for a counter or a Yandex.Metrica user account.
  • report_read — Getting data from Yandex.Metrica reports. This group includes methods in the Reports API, the report builder, and the API that is compatible with the Google Analytics Core Reporting API.