Terms and Definitions

Application that you fill out to earn money from your content.

A headline that lures readers into opening an article by creating false expectations about it. There are two kinds of clickbait:

  • One uses a headline that intentionally conceals key information that is required in order to understand the article. For example, “You'll never believe who fell on the red carpet...”
  • The other exaggerates the scale of the event or distorts the facts. For example, the body of an article may describe how a singer is not currently looking for a relationship and that he is satisfied with being single, but the headline of the article says: “Singer admits that he is no longer interested in girls”.
Channel selection screen

Screen offered to users when they first use the service to set up their initial recommendations feed; it contains the most popular Zen channels.

Channel settings

Channel parameters that can be edited: channel name, description, logo, and email address where your event notifications are sent.


All postings by a single author, publisher or company.


Interface for creating and editing postings, viewing statistics, and managing earnings.

Hate speech
Hate speech through language and artistic means contains:
  • insulting content
  • calls for discrimination
  • direct or indirect expressions of aggression or hatred
  • negative statements about individuals belonging to a social group based on racial, national, ethnic, sexual, religious or any other grounds.
Link spam
Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Medicines or dietary supplements; medical services; medical equipment; preventive methods; diagnosis, treatment and medical rehabilitation, as well as folk medicine methods.


If the channel violates the Terms of Service, then it will automatically be pessimized or not displayed as frequently. Postings from this channel will be shown less frequently to users.


Articles posted on the internet that contain text, images or video material. Postings are either fed to Zen from sites (via an RSS feed) or are created directly in Zen.

Recommendations feed

The Zen recommendations feed, which is generated for each user individually.

Shocking content

Material that can shock or scare readers. This type of material contains a description and/or images of the following: victims of disasters and violence, corpses, disease and disfigurement, intimate body parts and the childbirth process, injuries, sickness, as well as insects and animals whose appearance causes revulsion.


A site or RSS feed of one content creator whose content automatically ends up in Yandex Zen.