Creation and configuration of the channel

How is the channel created in Zen?

In order to create your own channel in Zen, you first need to log in to it. You can use your Yandex account or a social network account to log in to Zen.

Can I link my Zen channel to my personal account on Yandex?

This is appropriate if you created a personal channel and you only post your own content to it.

If you work at a publisher or another company, then you can register with Zen using a separate account on Yandex or share it with your colleagues. You must link your phone number to your account. This will prove useful if you need to restore access to your account.

Can I sign up as a legal entity on Zen?

No, currently only natural persons are allowed to create accounts on Zen.

Can I link several Yandex accounts to one Zen account?

Currently you can only link one Yandex account to one Zen account.

How do I change the channel owner?

We will transfer your old postings to your new account if we receive a written request from the person whose name was specified at the time that the channel was registered. Send a support request to the Zen support service:

How do I change the URL for my channel?

Note. Currently only domain name owners are able to change the URL. This is a temporary situation. Soon different types of authors will be able to assign a custom short URL to their channel.

When registering, each channel is automatically assigned a unique URL that consists of a random set of characters. If you would like to change this URL to a simpler one of your choosing, contact the Zen support service.


The new URL should match the domain URL to the maximum extent possible. It can only contain:

  • Latin characters
  • Numbers
  • Underscores

Where are the channel settings located?

You can access the channel settings by clicking the Settings button in the upper left corner of the Editor.

In the settings, you can change the name of the channel, its description, logo, and the e-mail address where you can receive notifications of events associated with the channel.

Logo requirements:

  • PNG, JPG, BMP or SVG image formats
  • 1:1 aspect ratio (square)
  • At least 156 pixels wide by 156 pixels tall
  • No animations

It is desirable (though not required) that the logo:

  • Have a non-transparent background (otherwise the background color can be changed automatically, which can distort the appearance of the logo)
  • Not have text in the image, since when the logo is scaled it can become unreadable

How can I link my channel and RSS feed?

Currently channel content and RSS feed postings are picked up by Zen independently of each other.

You can link your RSS feed by writing to the Zen technical support service. Postings from the RSS feed will be sent directly to user feeds. The RSS feed is not displayed in the postings channel. However, it increases traffic to the site and has an impact on conversion statistics.

Channel postings can be created, edited, and deleted manually in the Editor. When you open a channel, you will be able to see them.