For authors

With Yandex Zen, independent authors, companies, and internet publications can generate or expand their audience.

In order to unlock access to these features, you will need to create your own channel. Then you will be able to create postings in the Zen Editor manually. In addition, postings that are automatically collected from the Internet will appear in Zen.

You can view statistics about the number of conversions from Zen to your site in the Editor and make money on your postings through advertising. The most popular channels display on the initial selection screen and can participate in our sponsor program.

Users can subscribe to channels that they like. To make the selection process easier for them, add a name, logo, and short description to your channel settings.

If you prepare a special, marked-up RSS feed for postings posted on your website, they will have better representation in Zen and be ranked higher.

If the channel violates the Terms of Service, then it will automatically be pessimized. Postings from this channel will be shown less frequently to users.