Yandex Zen is a personal recommendation service. Zen selects news, videos, images, blog entries, and other internet postings that may be of interest to a particular user. The service uses Yandex's global search index and AI technology.

Yandex Zen helps users find new postings that cover topics they are interested in. Zen works by analyzing the contents and main topic of content posted on the internet (including images and videos). It also analyzes user behavior (to determine, for example, what sites they visit and how they rate various internet postings). Based on these analyses, Zen puts together a recommendation feed tailored to that individual user. Users can tweak their recommendation feed using the More like this and Less like this buttons, or by subscribing to their favorite authors' channels.

Zen helps internet postings find their audience. Postings can either get posted automatically in recommendation feeds from the author's site, or an author can create content directly in Yandex Zen. Any companies, internet publications, or independent authors can create their own channels in Yandex Zen.

You can access the Zen feed:

You can also view the recommendations feed on the Yandex Zen service site. However, when Zen is built into the browser, the recommendations feed will work better since it will be able to better analyze your browsing history.

Note. The Zen feed is also displayed on the Yandex site if you view it on a mobile device. When you tap on any recommendation in the feed, it will open on the Zen site.