Yandex Zen for readers

Zen feed is a personalized content collection, ranging from news to entertainment. Now you have access to a centralized hub for all the content you like, such as news, reviews, videos, and blog posts. All without leaving the page. With Zen, you can even watch content from websites you've never been to before, as your feed will sometimes suggest new content you might find interesting.

In order to enhance user experience and only suggest relevant and interesting content, Zen collects data about users' online habits: their browsing history, how they've rated the content they viewed, and their subscriptions in all apps and devices. You don't have to worry about security: Yandex makes users' privacy their top priority, and all collected data is anonymized.

We recommend staying logged in on all devices you browse Yandex Zen from. Use a unified account for all your devices and apps, so Zen could make suggestions based on all your browsing history, ratings, and subscriptions. This will improve your recommendations feed.

Our recommendation algorithms need time to fully adjust to your interests. This takes one to two weeks on average. To make the process go faster, you can do the following:

  • Subscribe to more channels and keep changing and updating the list of sources that interest you
  • Rate publications
  • Block content if you don't find it interesting

Data on user habits is updated regularly. If your interests change, Zen will take note and tailor the feed to what you find interesting now.

You can access the Zen feed:
On desktop browsers
On mobile devices
Via websites