How do I turn on spellcheck?


  1. Click the button Settings.

  2. In the lower part of the Settings page, click the Show advanced settings button.

  3. In the Languages section, click the Language and input settings button.
  4. Select the option Enable spell checking.

Mac OS

  1. Close all programs. In the upper-left corner, click the icon System settings.
  2. In the Personal section, select Language & Text.
  3. Switch to the Text tab.
  4. Make sure that English is selected in the Spelling list, and the Correct errors automatically option is turned on.
  5. Open Yandex.Browser and go to the text field.
  6. Open the context menu and select Spelling and Grammar.
  7. Make sure that the option Check spelling when typing is turned on.
  8. Select Spell check and select English in the drop-down list.

Note. These are all the possible steps that you may need to complete. However, some of these steps may not be necessary if the settings are already made in the system.

For more information, see the section Language and spelling.

enable spellcheck