What does the message "Some page content has been hidden to reduce loading times" mean?

This message means that Turbo mode has been enabled in your browser.

Turbo mode is enabled automatically by default when the download speed is less than 128 Kbit/s. When activated, the right half of the SmartBox displays the Turbo icon . When the speed reaches 512 Kbit/s or higher, Turbo mode is deactivated and the icon disappears.

You can change the settings for Turbo mode:

  1. Click the button Settings.
  2. In the lower part of the Settings page, click the Show advanced settings button.

  3. In the Turbo section, set the desired options for Turbo mode.

    Automatically enable for low connection speedsThe browser uses this mode by default.
    Always onTurbo mode is always on, and the icon is displayed in the right part of the SmartBox. For a fast internet connection, Turbo mode might slow down page loading.
    OffTurbo mode is disabled. When the internet connection is slow, the SmartBox displays the icon (enabling Turbo mode is recommended).
    Notify me about changes in connection speedSelect this option if you want to see browser messages about changes to your connection speed and Turbo mode.
    Compress videoTurn this option on if you want to view compressed videos in Turbo mode.

For more information, see the section Turbo mode.

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