An installed extension is disabled

Some developers create extensions that distribute malware or show users pop-up ads, flashing banners, and other intrusive advertising. That is why Yandex.Browser allows you to install extensions only from Chrome Web Store and Opera Add-ons where extensions are checked.

Restriction. Extensions are checked only in Windows.

If you install an extension from another website, the browser will disable it immediately after installation and inform you of this. If you trust the source, you can enable the extension for a single session by clicking Enable in the upper-left corner of the window:

Note. If you don't want to enable the extension every time you launch the browser, contact the developers of the extension and ask them to publish it in Chrome Web Store or Opera Add-ons. If you have created an extension yourself, publish it in the online store, and then install it from that store.

When you click OK in the window, the extension from an untrusted source is disabled. If you want to enable the extension later, you can do this in the browser settings:

  1. Click the button

    In the top right corner of the browser window

  2. Set the option to On for the desired extension.