Ads and banners appear

Some browser extensions may change the appearance of websites by opening pop-up windows

A window that opens on the computer screen as the result of some operation. They have a wide range of application, from helpful software to malicious use.

, flash banners
, or other obtrusive advertising.

To remove the advertising:

  1. Clean your computer of malicious extensions:

    1. Download and install the free version of the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program.
    2. Run the program.
    3. Open the Scan tab and select Threat Scan.
    4. Click the Scan now button. The program checks your system and then informs you of any malicious extensions that were found and deleted.
    5. Restart your computer.
  2. Enable the Adguard extension, which blocks advertising:

    1. Open Tableau.
    2. Go to the Extensions tab.
    3. Select the Internet security section.
    4. Enable the Adguard extension: