How do I speed up my site?

The speed of page loading is an important indicator of a site's quality. If your site is slow, the user may not wait for a page to open and switch to a different site. This undermines their trust in your site, affects traffic and other statistical indicators.

To make your site pages load faster in search results and other Yandex services, enable Turbo pages. The speed is achieved by optimizing page layout for mobile devices and using the Yandex network infrastructure with Turbo page content stored on Yandex servers.

To increase your site's loading speed, optimize it:

  • Reduce the number of HTTP requests. For example, using CSS sprites for images or combining JavaScript and CSS.
  • Remove resources that can block page rendering. For example, CSS or scripts that are not needed for rendering. Place them at the bottom of the page or implement them using asynchronous or deferred loading.
  • Reduce the size of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML files through minification.
  • Use the CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) for uploading images, JavaScript, and CSS files.
  • Configure caching and GZIP compression.
  • Use image compression.
  • Defer the loading of images that are not in the visible area of the screen until all the necessary resources are loaded.
  • Optimize server code and available system resources.
  • Use only fast CSS animations.
  • Reduce the number of redirects by linking to the appropriate resource directly.

You can analyze your site performance using special Yandex.Metrica reports.