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To learn more about which sources are used to generate the site description in search results and how the description is displayed, see Snippet.

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Address snippet

Learn more about the address snippet and other ways to display business information in the Yandex services in the Information about the organization section.

If the incorrect address is a part of the page description (not the address snippet), choose the “Site title and description” option from the list, describe the situation in as much detail as possible, and provide screenshots.

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The “Addresses on the map” label is displayed if the organization has two or more addresses in the same region. When you click the label, you can see the organization addresses on Yandex.Maps. In this case, the snippet doesn't display the address and phone number.

If your organization has one address but the snippet displays the “Addresses on the map” label, check the information in Yandex.Business. To ask about editing information in Yandex.Business, use this form.

The address snippet is displayed if the site is in the Top 30 Yandex search results. It uses the organization details published in Yandex.Business:

  • The main page of the site is specified (for example,
  • The site address is the same as in Yandex.Webmaster: either with or without the www prefix and with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • The organization's contact information (city, street, house number) is specified fully.

To change the contact information in the address snippet, edit the organization card in Yandex.Maps:
  1. Find the organization in Yandex.Maps and click the Edit link.
  2. In the form that opens, enter the correct information about the organization.

The address snippet data is usually updated within a week after you change the organization card.

If you have a question about editing the organization card in Yandex.Business, use this form.

SERP links

We recommend that you read about forming sitelinks and managing them in the Yandex.Webmaster service.

If you still have questions about sitelinks, fill in the form below:


To learn more about the favicon, see:

If you still have questions, choose a topic:

If you followed all the guidelines for favicon placement, it should be indexed and appear in search results within about two weeks.

The favicon might disappear from search if it wasn't added to the database during the latest update. This is possible if the favicon, site, or host was unavailable during indexing by the special robot.

Also make sure that the favicon is placed correctly. If it is specified correctly, wait for the next update of the favicon database, which takes about two weeks.

This may happen if:

  • Different site favicons are placed at different URLs. If a site can be accessed at URLs with or without the "www" prefix and over both the HTTPS and HTTP protocols, make sure that the favicon is the same everywhere, or that it is the correct one to index for each of the sites.
  • The site is temporarily unavailable. In this case, the robot might download the hosting favicon from the site's parked page.

If these causes are resolved and you've followed the guidelines for placing the favicon, the changes will appear in search results within two weeks after they are crawled by the robot.

Partner programs and markup

Yandex supports only examples of partner programs listed in the What data can be sent? section and the markup presented in the Semantic markup section (, Open Graph, JSON-LD and microformats).

The markup is created within two weeks. If Yandex doesn't support any of the markup types on the page or the markup is incorrect, it skips it.

Recipe snippets are generated only for sites related to food and cooking.

As Yandex doesn't support markup for breadcrumbs, errors may appear in the validator. These errors don't affect the markup validation.

You should distinguish the micro-markup for products and the Products and prices program. If the site is connected to the “Products and prices” program and has micro-markup, priority is given to the program snippets.

The Yandex robot will be able to index the site information even without markup, and it doesn't affect displaying pages in the search results. To set the desired page description in the search results, use the Description meta tag.

For a detailed description of errors, see Structured data validator.

This feedback form is intended for questions about Yandex partner programs and markup. If you are in doubt whether you should use a particular partner program provided by other services (not Yandex), we can't comment on how it influences your site's state in the search.
Site title and description

To learn more about creating and changing the site title and description, see the Snippet section.

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Read about breadcrumbs and how they are formed.

Links to the site in search suggestions

You can read about search suggestions in the Search Help.

Correcting a query that contains the site URL
You can read about automatic correction of search queries in the Search Help.