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The site is poorly indexed

As a rule, sites added to Yandex.Webmaster appear in search results within two weeks. If this doesn't happen, check if the site indexing isn't prohibited in the robots.txt file or with meta tags.

The site may also be unavailable due to a server error. You can check the site availability with the Server response check tool.

If the site URL changed, the robot might not have enough time to track it. Check if the mirrors are configured correctly.

Send pages to be visited by the robot using the Reindex pages tool. The pages will appear in the search within two weeks.

Check out recommendations that help you add pages to the search.

For more information about why pages may disappear from search and recommendations on how to fix this, see the Why are pages excluded from the search? section.

If the problem wasn't solved, specify the reason:

Excluding pages from the search results is not an error on the part of a site or the indexing robot: it excludes pages that users won't be able to find using search queries. Therefore, their exclusion shouldn't affect the visibility of indexed pages on the site.

Contact support if:

  • Pages were ranked high in the search results before they were excluded.
  • The site's position after the exclusion of pages decreased dramatically.
  • The number of click-throughs from the search engine reduced significantly after the pages were excluded.

Make sure that:

  • The pages can be accessed by the robot (use the Server response check tool).
  • The information about pages is present in the Sitemap file.

  • The Disallow and noindex prohibiting directives and the noindex HTML element in the robots.txt file prevent only technical and duplicate pages from indexing.
How to reindex a site

For more information on how to re-index pages and speed up changes in the search results, see the How to reindex a site section.

How do I delete a site or individual pages from search

See recommendations in the How do I exclude pages from the search? section.

Question about the robots.txt file
Question about the Sitemap file

For information about the file format and requirements, see Using the Sitemap file.

The robot creates an excessive load on the site or server
Questions about the site favicon

For more information about the favicon requirements and how to install it, see Favicon.

If you followed all the guidelines for favicon placement, it should be indexed and appear in search results within about two weeks.

The favicon might disappear from search if it wasn't added to the database during the latest update. This is possible if the favicon, site, or host was unavailable during indexing by the special robot.

Also make sure that the favicon is placed correctly. If it is specified correctly, wait for the next update of the favicon database, which takes about two weeks.

This may happen if:

  • Different site favicons are placed at different URLs. If a site can be accessed at URLs with or without the "www" prefix and over both the HTTPS and HTTP protocols, make sure that the favicon is the same everywhere, or that it is the correct one to index for each of the sites.
  • The site is temporarily unavailable. In this case, the robot might download the hosting favicon from the site's parked page.

If these causes are resolved and you've followed the guidelines for placing the favicon, the changes will appear in search results within two weeks after they are crawled by the robot.

The site description isn't updated

For information about which sources are used to generate the site description and how the description is displayed, see Snippet.

Images or videos are poorly indexed
To ask a question, write to technical support of the Yandex.Pictures service.
To ask a question, write to of the service.