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Check out the reasons for changes in ranking, and check the site for security and violations. If Yandex.Webmaster finds a threat or violation, follow the recommendations provided in the service.

Changes in the site's search ranking are acceptable in most cases. It may be due to constant adjustments of algorithms and the dynamics of the search results.

Contact the support service if the ranking change is accompanied by all listed conditions:

  • The site was a leader for a long time.
  • The site ranking dropped by more than 30 points (with smaller changes, check if your site meets the recommendations set out in this section).
  • Site traffic decreased.

If your site doesn't have high ranking for some queries, it may be that it didn't gain sufficient relevance yet. Check the site metrics described in this section.

Use the [url] operator (example) to check if a page is included in search.
  • The page may be a duplicate. For information about how to check and fix this, see Duplicate pages. Also, the page may not be included in the search or disappear from it for other reasons.
  • If the site changed its URL but the page is displayed in the search at the old URL, make sure you moved the site correctly.

A special algorithm determines if the page will be displayed in the search results or not. For example, for the page to be displayed, its content must match the search query. For more information, see Stage 4. Generating search results.

If you don't find new site pages in the search, go to the How do I add a site to search? section. If the pages were previously in the search, but are missing now, check out the reasons for excluding pages.

If you notice a decrease in website traffic, check out what traffic sources this issue is associated with. You can do this using the Sources, summary report in Yandex.Metrica.

The traffic obtained from search results may decrease for various reasons, for example:

If the traffic doesn't change within two weeks of fixing the issues described above, contact customer support.

If another resource has content identical to yours, this isn't enough to exclude the site from the search results.

To protect your copyright, you can file a complaint directly with the administrator of the site that you believe has content identical to yours, or use other legal means to protect your rights.

If you can't come to an agreement with the site administration, try writing to the site's hosting provider.