Movie information provided on your site can be used in page snippets for Yandex search results. To let the search robot recognize such data, mark up the following pages according to the scheme.

Learn more about snippet generation in the Owners of movie sites section.

Recommended schema fields

The properties of the Movie schema that are taken into account by Yandex are described below. The data type that the property value should correspond to is indicated in parentheses.

  • aggregateRating (AggregateRating) — The following properties must be used simultaneously:

    • ratingValue (Number) — The current rating of the film, a positive number.
    • bestRating (Number) — The highest possible rating of the film, a positive number.
  • genre (Text) — The film genre.

  • dateReleased (Date) — The release date.

  • dateCreated (Date) — The year when the film was shot.

  • director (Person) — The director name (each director's name should be in a separate element).

  • actor (Person) — The name of an actor (each actor's name should be in a separate element).

  • description (Text) — Short description of the film.

  • duration (Duration) — Duration in the ISO 8601 format. For example, an hour and a half is written as PT1H30M.

  • inLanguage (Text) — The original language of the film.

  • musicBy (Person) or (MusicGroup) — The name of the soundtrack composer or the band that took part in the soundtrack recording.

  • producer (Person) — The name of the film producer (each producer's name should be in a separate element).

  • productionCompany (Organization) — The production company that released the movie.

  • award (Text) — Awards won by the film (each award should be listed in a separate element).

  • contentRating (Text) — Age restrictions.

  • isFamilyFriendly (Boolean) — A indicator showing if the movie is safe for family viewing.

Example of markup

<div itemscope itemtype="">
  <meta itemprop="contentRating" content="MPAA R">
  <meta itemprop="duration" content="02:52">
  <meta itemprop="datePublished" content="2012-11-08">
  <meta itemprop="dateCreated" content="2012-09-09">
  <meta itemprop="inLanguage" content="ru">
  <meta itemprop="isFamilyFriendly" content="True">
  <meta itemprop="productionCompany" content="Warner Bros">

    <h1 itemprop="name">Cloud Atlas</h1>
    <span itemprop="alternativeHeadline">Cloud Atlas</span>
    <img src="" alt="Cloud Atlas" itemprop="image"/>

    <a itemprop="director" href="/name/23330/">Lana Wachowski</a>,
    <a itemprop="director" href="/name/26439/" >Tom Twyker</a>,
    <a itemprop="director" href="/name/23329/" >Andy Wachowski</a>

    <a itemprop="producer" href="/name/26437/" >Stefan Arndt</a>,
    <a itemprop="producer" href="/name/31351/" >Grant Hill</a>,
    <a itemprop="producer" href="/name/26439/" >Tom Twyker</a>,
    <a href="/film/464484/cast/#producer" >and others</a>.

    <a itemprop="musicBy" href="/name/312865/" >Reinhold Heil</a>,
    <a itemprop="musicBy" href="/name/608605/" >Johnny Klajmek</a>,
    <a itemprop="musicBy" href="/name/26439/" >Tom Twyker</a>.

    <a itemprop="genre" href="/level/10/m_act%5Bgenre%5D/2/" >science fiction</a>,
    <a itemprop="genre" href="/level/10/m_act%5Bgenre%5D/8/" >drama</a>,
    <a itemprop="genre" href="/level/10/m_act%5Bgenre%5D/17/" >detective</a>,
    <a href="/film/464484/keywords/" >and others</a>.

  <span class="title">Starring:</span>
    <a itemprop="actor" href="/name/9144/">Tom Hanks</a>
    <a itemprop="actor" href="/name/1179/">Halle Berry</a>
    <a itemprop="actor" href="/name/38704/">Jim Broudbent</a>

  <span itemprop="description">Six stories, five reincarnations in different eras, tightly interwoven with each other…</span>