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Internal links displayed in the site snippet in the search results. More information

External link
Internal link
Location-dependent query

A query that is related to a specific region. For example, [taxi] or [buy iphone]. Learn more

Visited page

A page on your site that the Yandex robot has accessed. This might be indexed pages or pages that returned an error.

A snippet is a block of information about a document that is displayed in the search results. A snippet includes the header, description or annotation of the document, and may also contain additional information about the site. More information
Average position
The site position is the ranking on the Yandex search results page, with the link leading to your site. During the day the site can take different positions for the same search terms, so Yandex.Webmaster shows an average value for the entire day.
Average click position

The average position, on which the site was located at the moment the user clicked on it in the search results.

Page in search

The page included in the Yandex search. A page may be missing from the search results if it duplicates the content of another page, contains spam or viruses, redirects to another URL, or if there was a loading error on the server side.

Excluded page

A page added to the Yandex search results but then excluded from them.

The page can be excluded for the following reasons:


The user's click on the site in the Yandex search results page.


The display of the link to the site in the Yandex search results for some query. Potential presence of the link on the second and further search result pages is not considered an impression, if the user didn't open the page.

Popular queries
CTR (clickability, from Click-Through Rate)
The ratio of the number of clicks on the snippet to the number of its impressions is measured in percent. This indicator determines the effectiveness of the site's snippet page.