URL check

Check URL is a tool for tracking information about how Yandex indexes particular pages on your site.

This tool lets you find out:
  • The date your page was last visited.
  • Any errors present when it was last loaded.
  • Whether the page is in search results.

Page check

Do the following to get data on page indexing:

  1. Go to the My Sites section.
  2. Choose the site with the page you need to check from the list.
  3. Go to the Check URL section.
  4. Enter the URL of the page for which you need to get data and click Check.


    In the field marked URL you can enter the full page URL or just the relative path from the site root beginning with “/”.

    For example, if you indicate the URL http://example.com, the system processes information about the page with the URL http://example.com. However, if you indicate /news, information is processed for the page with the URL http://my-website.com/news.

The system will collect data about the page and put together a report. Links to generated reports are shown in the Status column.


Reports in the process of gathering page information are labeled as “Processing”. It takes a few minutes to collect and process information. As soon as the system is done processing data, the report status switches to “Ready”.

Viewing reports

To view a report, click Ready.

A report contains information about site pages based on current search results.

The report page shows information about the latest version of the page being checked, at the time when the search engine database was built:

  • Load date — The date and time the page was last loaded to the robot's search database.
  • HTTP status — The code the robot receives when contacting the server.
Note. If page content has been altered, the robot will automatically keep track of that. Search result data will be updated the next time the search base is built.