Security and violations

Yandex regularly checks security and quality of sites. The results of such checks are presenter in the section, for example:

  • Violations (SEO texts or hidden texts on the pages, and so on);
  • Examples of pages where Yandex antivirus detected malicious code.
  • Verdicts that explain the reasons of infection.
  • Chains of infection — a sequence of hosts through which your page loads the malicious code in the user's browser.

If malicious code is detected on the site or if Yandex considers the site undesirable, the positions of the site can be lowered in the search results or the site may be excluded from them.

If you find such alerts for your site, we recommend that you review the information:

  • Read the recommendations on the elimination of revealed violations.
  • Click the icon to see detailed information about the infection on the site.
  • Click on the name of the verdict to see its description and an example of code that is processed in the browser.
  • View the chains of infection (they can help identify the source of infection).

After you clean the site from malicious code and fix the violations, click the I've fixed everything button to inform Yandex about resolving the issue. This sends an additional signal to the Yandex algorithms that the site needs to be re-checked. If the site was checked successfully, the restrictions will eventually be lifted, and the information about violations will be removed.

Note. Before clicking I've fixed everything, make sure that all errors have been resolved. You can only report corrections some time after the information is displayed in Yandex.Webmaster.