What are sitelinks?

Sitelinks are shortcuts to important information on your site.

Sitelinks are located on the Yandex search results page between the site title and its snippet. These links lead to the pages with the most popular and useful information.

For example, the most frequently visited (i.e. most popular) pages on a store's site are usually the ones with location and directions and product pricing. The average user is not particularly interested in colorful copy describing the company's mission statement, history, and founders. The direct links to popular site pages shown in Yandex search results are what we call sitelinks.

What advantage do sitelinks give to users?

Sitelinks let users go directly to a desired page inside the site. This saves users time and internet traffic. In many cases, a user goes to a site but can't quickly find the page with the right information because of the heavy design or complex structure of the site. Sitelinks help users find what they need.

Additionally, sitelinks supplement the snippet and title to provide a fuller picture of the site's content, main sections, and features.

How can I help Yandex define sitelinks correctly?

The Yandex robot can detect all important sections on the site and generate sitelinks under the following conditions:

  • The main sections and pages can be accessed from the home page.

  • The site navigation is well-planned and logical.

  • Page names are short, clear and reflect their content.

  • Image links have an alt attribute that reflects their purpose.

  • Text in the <title> element for the key pages matches the page name (the page title placed, for example, in the h1 tag) and the text of links leading to this page.

    For example, if your company has a contact page and you want to make sure the robot processes it correctly:

    • Specify the “Company name”“Contact us” or simply “Contacts” in the title element of this page.
    • On the page, there should be a title “Contacts”.

    • The text of links leading to this section from the main page and other site pages should be “Contacts”.

Well-designed sites with logical structures and thoughtful navigation don't require any special changes or additions. You can edit the generated sitelinks in Yandex. Webmaster.

When are sitelinks shown in search results?

Sitelinks can be shown in search results for either the site's home page or internal pages. In order for sitelinks to appear, the following conditions must be met:

  • The page has sitelinks defined for it.
  • The page isn't infected with a virus at the moment.
  • The page is one of the top three most relevant search results.

What determines the number of sitelinks in the snippet and how they look?

Sitelinks are usually placed in a single line beneath the document title. The maximum length of the line is 70 characters. It shows only the link texts that fit within this limit when combined. The links in the line are separated by a distance of four spaces.

By default, the order of sitelinks is automatic. You can use the Yandex.Webmaster service to change the priority of links and use the 70 characters more efficiently.

If a user is most likely looking for a specific site (such as for the query [yandex]), the search results might show sitelinks for this site arranged in two columns. In this case, up to six sitelinks appear.

If the search engine robot gets a 404 error when following a sitelink, this link is excluded from search results.