URL letter case

This tool lets you change how the site's address is shown in Search, to make it clearer and more informative for users.

This change doesn't affect the ranking in search results.

Changes to the case must be solely for the purpose of improving readability of the domain name, and must meet the following requirements:

  1. Generic top-level domains (ru, info, com, com.ua, org.ru, net.by, and so on) are always in lowercase ("yandex.com" but not "yandex.COM").

  2. If a domain segment contains more than one word, all and only all of the words in the segment can begin with a capital letter ("www.SearchEngine.yandex.com", but not "www.Searchengine.yandex.com" or "www.SeaRchEngIne.yandex.com").

  3. You can't change the case for domain names containing a dash. For example, "interactive-answers.webmaster.yandex.ru". The dash already helps separate the words, so there is no need for capitalization.
  4. Proper names can begin with a capital letter ("Misha.yandex.com", "Moscow.com"), including generic top-level domains ("site.Moscow.com").
  5. All caps are acceptable in domain names that represent well-known acronyms that are used as the name of a service or company, even if the acronym is part of a domain segment.

    The exceptions are:

    • Acronyms, changes to which contain 5 or more uppercase letters in a row (upper case won't make the name more readable).
    • Common domain prefixes (www, w3, ftp, and so on), which are always shown in lowercase ("www.yandex.com", not "WWW.yandex.com"; "ftp.yandex.com", not "FTP.yandex.com").

Changes take effect after they have been verified and the search database has been updated.