Using meta descriptions

To influence the way your site is presented in the search results (the site's snippet), use the "meta description" tag. A snippet is generated based on page text fragments and the content of meta description tag.

Guidelines for meta descriptions:

  1. Meta descriptions should be short – several words.

  2. They must describe a certain site page, not the whole site.

  3. Meta descriptions should be easy to read: use full, well-written sentences, don't overuse keywords, phrases, upper case letters, advertising slogans, and so on.

  4. Meta descriptions should be short and informative. Try to express the main gist of the document in a few sentences.

  5. The content of the meta tag must be up-to-date and reflect the current state of the page.

  6. Meta descriptions must be made in the language of the document.

Examples of bad meta descriptions:

  • Filling meta descriptions with temporary or technical information, for example: “Don't forget to add the text here”.

  • Obsolete descriptions. For example, the prices on the site changed, or the described document is now located at a different URL, but the description stays the same.

  • Placing important information at end of the text. Place the most important information at the beginning of the meta descriptions.