Site region

Site region plays an important role in the Yandex search results. When the users enter a location-dependent query, they prefer to see the results from their region, rather than from other cities.

To let the algorithm identify the site region correctly, follow the recommendations:

  1. Specify the full address of your organization on the site, including the postal code and the city phone code. This will help the Yandex robot automatically determine the site region. Do not place the address and the phone only as an image.

    If the site has a regional focus, add more information relevant to this region.

  2. If your organization has several regional offices, specify the addresses and the phone numbers of each of them. This way you let the Yandex robot know that the site is associated with several regions.

  3. Some sites are designed to display regional versions of the site, depending on the user location (detected by the user's IP address). For example, if your company has offices in different cities, the users from Moscow and Khabarovsk will see different versions of the site. But the Yandex robot crawls the site from a certain IP address of a particular region. Therefore, it will receive only one version of the site (some of the content will not be indexed).

    To index the entire site, we recommend that you make all pages accessible to the robot, regardless of its IP address. For more information on how to detect the Yandex search robot, see the Yandex robots in server logs section.

  4. If the site contains a lot of information about regional offices, we recommend using subdomains. This will allow the user to see how the main site and the regional site are related. To use subdomains, follow the recommendations:

    Often, the site accumulates enough information about regional offices to place it on a separate site. The webmaster faces the question of whether to create a new site or a subdomain. The latter option is preferable as it makes it easier for the user to understand how the main site and its subdomains are related. To do it, use our tips:

    • To make it easier for the user to identify the site region by the subdomain, add the region name to the address (for example,

    • A regional subdomain should contain information for the users from the region.

    • A regional subdomain should be included in the navigation on the main site so that the user could go from the main page to the regional page.