Yandex pays much attention to taking the user's region into account when displaying the search results. You might want to follow the recommendations below to make sure your site appears in the regional search in the best possible way:

  1. Publish the complete address of your organization, including postal code and telephone number with area code, on your web site. Yandex robot automatically determines the region where your organization is located. If a user query is considered geo-dependent (i.e. pertaining to a certain region), the preference is given to the sites from that region. Do not publish the address and telephone number as images only. If your site is a regional one, try to publish as much information related to the region as possible. The more information targets the people who live in the region, the higher the probability that the site will have better ranking in this region.

  2. If your site contains information about many regional branches, publish address and telephone for each of them to ensure correct ranking on geo-dependent queries. The fact that your site contains several addresses from various regions does not affect negatively its ranking in any of them.

  3. The site may determine the user's region by the IP and present different information depending on the region. For example, if your company has branches in several cities, one version may be shown to a user from Moscow, and a different one to a user from Sankt-Petersburg. However, Yandex robot will traverse the site using address of just one region, and therefore will see only one of the site versions. In this case, part of site content will not be indexed. Such behavior is quite natural for site visitors, but may be regarded as an attempt to deceive the search engine by Yandex robot. To make the entire contents of the site available for indexing, we recommend you make all the pages available for the robot regardless of its IP address.

If your site content is mostly in language(s) other than Russian and is located outside of domain zone .ru (or in language(s) other than Ukrainian/Kazakh/Byelorussian and outside of domain zone .ua/.kz/.by respectively) it may be indexed and ranked using another formula, not the one that is used for national domains. It is a special formula for “foreign” query ranking.


To ensure that the search engine determines your region correctly, publish the complete address of your organization, including postal code and telephone number with area code, on your web site.