Links are an essential part of the internet. They connect pages of the World Wide Web and serve as paths for users. You need to devote attention to the links that connect your site to the rest of the world.

  1. Partner links If other sites contain links to your site, check that their text contains a relevant description of your site, not just a URL. Ask partners to edit the link texts to make them meaningful, instead of using the words “here”, “this article”, “there”, “this site” and so on.

  2. Links used by online media. If online media use information from your site, it is useful to provide a link with a suitable keyword.

  3. Web directories. There are very few web directories worth placing a site link in. Examples of useful directories are Yandex.Directory, or high-quality business directories on local portals. There are also a huge number of unmoderated spam directories. Placing your site link there is unlikely to influence your site ranking in a positive way. Here are some features of a good directory:

    • The directory should be moderated.

    • The directory should have user-friendly navigation.

    • The directory sections should contain links to sites well known in the area or sites of leading companies in the field.

    • Titles and descriptions of the sites shouldn't contain spelling mistakes. They should be easy to read and use.

    • The directory pages shouldn't contain advertising that prevents the user from reading the main content.

  4. Pay attention to the links the users can place on your site. If you have sections where users can leave their messages (for example, comments, forum posts, discussion of materials), keep an eye on external links. All links should be moderated by the site owner, if possible. Unfortunately, it is very likely that spam notes will be left on your site. The Yandex search system doesn't take spam site links into account, but the reputation of your site may suffer if you don't control the links left in its pages. If you aren't sure about the quality of the user links on your site, we recommend adding the rel="nofollow" attribute to them. If there are a lot of spam messages on your forum, it may be banned from indexing in Yandex. It is also recommended to protect your site from spam bots using a CAPTCHA system.

  5. Paid links and link exchanges. Yandex values the links that help site users. Links that are placed for a fee (placed with a link exchange and aimed at search engines, not at users) prevent Yandex from estimating sites' trustworthiness and their relevance to search requests. More about SEO links.


Track carefully both the links to other sites and external links to your site. You can view them in Yandex.Webmaster. Not all links are useful.