Owners of culinary sites


Yandex search doesn't support the culinary snippets generated from the XML feed anymore. Use the Schema.org Recipe standard markup and and the hRecipe microformat to generate special snippets.

Owners of culinary sites can influence the content of page snippets using markup. Such snippets will contain structured information that will help users to quickly understand the features of the recipe and choose the link in the search output.

Site and content requirements

The site should be a culinary site. A culinary site is a resource, fully or partially devoted to cooking recipes. It can be a culinary portal containing thousands of different recipes, as well as a private culinary blog with author's recipes.

One page of the site must contain a description of one recipe.

The marked up data should correspond to the page content shown when you click on the link. The page should not contain any superfluous information (for example, outdated pictures, ingredients that are not used in the marked recipe).


Yandex does not guarantee that the information it receives will appear in search results. Yandex reserves the right to use or not use information marked using the hRecipe and Schema.org formats (either in its entirety or in part) for any of the company's services. This information can be used separately or collectively with information obtained from other sources.

Please remember that Yandex isn't responsibility for the accuracy of information shown in the culinary snippet. The conditions releasing Yandex from the guarantees listed in the User agreementalso fully apply to information contained in culinary snippets.

Using markup

To generate a special snippet Yandex needs to know which page fragments correspond to certain semantic units (for example, the list of ingredients, cooking instructions, and so on).

To pass this information to Yandex, add the following types of markup in the HTML code of the site pages:

To include a photo in a recipe snippet, add one final image and mark it with the resultPhoto (result-photo) element.

To check whether the page is marked up correctly, use the markup validator.

The marked up data is processed as your site is indexed by theYandex search robot. The markup is available to other search engines and applications that collect data on the Internet.

To see the generated snippet in the Yandex search output, use a special search query:

site:<your site's URL> <name of the dish> recipe photo (to see the photo recipe)