Questions and answers

A site containing users' questions and answers may display special snippets in Yandex search results.

The following data is displayed in search results:

  • question
  • best answer

Snippet without semantic markup:

Snippet with markup (displaying the best answer):

Site and content requirements

Structured snippets can be displayed for sites where Q&A pages are marked up in a certain way.

A single page should include one question and the corresponding answers to it.

The generated snippet will appear in search results after the marked-up web pages are indexed.


Yandex does not guarantee that the information it receives will show up in the search results. Yandex reserves the right to use or not use information marked using the standard (either in its entirety or in part) for any of the company's services. This information can be used separately or collectively with information obtained from other sources.

Please remember that Yandex isn't responsible for the accuracy of information shown in the snippet. The conditions releasing Yandex from the guarantees listed in the User agreement also fully apply to information contained in snippets.