Owners of sites with creative content

How can sites with creative content be displayed in search results?

Pages from your site can have special snippets displayed in the Yandex search results if you publish descriptions of creative works, such as:

  • Articles.
  • News.
  • Scientific and medical publications.
  • Blogs and posts.
  • Books.
  • Diets.
  • Exercise plans.
  • Media files (audio, video, clips, pictures).
  • Paintings.
  • Photos.
  • Sculptures.
  • TV programs.

Title, author and summary are marked:

Title, genre and summary are marked:

What information is included in the snippet?

The following information is displayed in search results:

  • Header.
  • Author.
  • Genre.
  • Short description.

For which pages are snippets made?

Structured snippets can only be displayed for the sites where creative works (TV shows, paintings, articles, and so on) are marked up in a certain way.

Special snippet can be generated for a page that contains only one item (one TV show, one article, and so on). This item must make up the main content of the page. The page language can be Russian, English, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Tatar, or Kazakh.


Yandex does not guarantee that the information it receives will show up in the search results. Yandex reserves the right to use or not to use the information marked using the Schema.org standard (either in its entirety or in part) for any of the company's services. This information can be used separately or collectively with information obtained from other sources.

In addition, Yandex is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided in snippets.

The conditions releasing Yandex from the guarantees listed in the User agreement also fully apply to the information in snippets.