Owners of movie sites

What movie information can be displayed in the search results?

Page snippets with movie information can contain:

  • Genre.

  • Original language.

  • Short description.

  • Indication if the film is suitable for family viewing.

  • Age restriction.

  • Movie length.

  • Release date.

  • Release year.

  • Names of actors, directors, producers, composers.

  • Name of the film company.

Snippet example:

Text generated from the marked up information can exceed the allowed snippet size. In this case the snippet includes only the most important information or the part of the text most relevant to the search query.

Structured snippets may not be generated if the page contains the text that is more informative or relevant to the search query and therefore better suits as a snippet. All things being equal, preference is always given to structured snippets.

How do I make movie snippets more informative?

Mark up your page using Schema.org to let the Yandex robot know which page fragments contain the movie attributes. The standard Movie schema supported by Yandex is described in the Movie descriptions section.

No attributes are required, but the more information about the movie you give to Yandex, the more likely the snippet is displayed in the search results.

Each page should list information about only one movie: in other words, the markup should only have one block of the http://schema.org/Movie type.