Sitemap files

Use the Sitemap file to inform Yandex about the current structure of the site: specify a special directive in robots.txt or add it in Yandex.Webmaster.

Sitemap file format and requirements.

With Yandex.Webmaster, you can:

Uploading Sitemap

On the Sitemap files page:

  1. Choose the site from the list.
  2. Enter the file URL. For example,
  3. Click the Add button.

The file is put into the processing queue. The robot will download it within two weeks. Every added file, including the ones listed in the Sitemap index file, is handled by the robot separately.

Once the file is downloaded you will see one of the statuses:

Status Description Note
“OK” The file is formed correctly and loaded into the robot's database.

The date of the last download is displayed next to the file.

Indexed pages appear in the search results within two weeks.

“Redirect” The URL redirects to another address. Remove the redirect and inform the robot about the update
“Error” File is formed incorrectly Click the Error link to view the details. Edit the file and inform the robot about the update
“Not indexed.” When the robot tries to download the Sitemap file, the server returns HTTP status other than 200

Check if the file is available to the robot. To do it, use the Server response check tool. Specify the full path to the file.

If the file is unavailable, contact the site or the hosting server administrator.

If the file is available, notify the robot about the update

The access to the file is denied in robots.txt with the Disallow directive Allow access to Sitemap and inform the robot about the update

Updating Sitemap

If you changed Sitemap file added to Yandex.Webmaster, there is no need to delete it and upload it again. The robot regularly checks the file for updates and errors.

To speed up the file indexing, click the icon. If you use the Sitemap index file, you can launch the processing of each file listed in it. The robot will download the data within two weeks. You can use this function up to 10 times for each host.

When you run out of all attempts, you will be able to try again 30 days after the first try. The exact date is shown in Yandex.Webmaster.

Removing Sitemap

Files added on the Sitemap files page can be removed from Yandex.Webmaster.
  1. Choose the file from the list.
  2. Click the icon next to the file.
If the Sitemap directive was added in the robots.txt file, delete it. After making changes, information about Sitemap disappears from the robot database and Yandex.Webmaster within a few weeks.


Sitemap is displayed in the service as an excluded page with the “Invalid document format” status.

The Sitemap file (and other XML files) is displayed as excluded pages. This is, however, only for information purposes and doesn't affect the site indexing or the Sitemap processing.

The Sitemap file can be displayed in a group of excluded pages if the robot tried to index it as a regular page, while the XML files aren't indexed in the Yandex search engine and aren't included in the search results.

The “Unknown tag” error occurred while processing Sitemap

The Sitemap file may contain only certain XML elements. If Yandex.Webmaster finds other elements in the file (for example, a reference to the mobile or multilingual version, image URLs), it displays the "Unknown tag" error. The robot ignores unsupported elements when processing Sitemap and takes into account the data from the supported elements. Therefore, you don't need to change the Sitemap file.

If the file content is changed, the information in Yandex.Webmaster is updated within two weeks.

The Sitemap file has the “Not indexed” status.

The Sitemap file may be not indexed for several reasons:

  • The robot crawled the Sitemap file recently and didn't process it yet. Wait for two weeks. If you use the Sitemap index file with multiple files, they may take longer to process than a single Sitemap file.
  • The site was previously unavailable for the indexing robot. You need to wait for the next site visit by the robot.
  • Access to Sitemap is prohibited in the robots.txt file. The server returns an HTTP code other than 200 when the robot tries accessing Sitemap. Check if the file is available to the robot. To do this, use the Server response check tool. Specify the full path to the file.

If there is an access problem, contact the administrator of the site or the server where it is located. If the file is compiled correctly, it will be re-processed within two weeks from the last request by the robot. You can check the file with the Sitemap file analysis tool.

Sitemap isn't processed.

Usually, the Sitemap file is processed by the robot within two weeks after adding it to Yandex.Webmaster. If this doesn't happen, check:

  • The server response to the Sitemap request. If access to Sitemap is prohibited in the robots.txt file or an HTTP code other than 200 is returned when the robot tries accessing it, the file will not be processed by the robot. If the check displays “Forbidden by the noindex meta tag”, this doesn't indicate an error. The noindex meta tag prevents the file from being included in the search database, but doesn't prevent the robot from processing its contents.
  • The Sitemap file with the Sitemap file analysis tool. Correct the mistakes if they are found.