I prepared everything. When is my site going to have snippets?

Once you click “Enable the store”, the request is checked by the moderator. After the check, the store status in the “Products and prices” section will change. The snippets will appear after the database update. Usually it takes 10 days.

For which site pages are the snippets displayed?

Structured snippets will be displayed for the end pages that contain product offers included in the YML file.

Extended information including the product price, the delivery city and delivery price, is shown to the users from the delivery region.

What do the statuses mean?

A store can have the following statuses:

  • On — The store is functioning well.

  • Checking — The store is being checked.

  • Off — The store is turned off due to one of the reasons:


    The store is just registered in the program and wasn't checked.

    Check needed

    The store should be checked because:

    • The store was turned off for more than 30 days.

    • The store settings in Yandex.Webmaster were changed.

    • YML file was invalid for more than three days.

    • The store was turned off by the quality control service.

    Organization information is incorrect

    Information about the legal entity, telephone number, delivery regions and online ordering entered in Yandex.Webmaster doesn't match the information on the store site.

    The store was turned off by the quality control service

    The store doesn't comply with the program conditions and doesn't meet the requirements from the Conditions section.

    Turned off because of inappropriate quality

    The store was turned off by the quality control service several times.

    Turned off for fraud

    Users complain that the store doesn't fulfill its obligations.

    Turned off due to other quality issues

    The store is turned off for other issues related to the quality of its work. See the comments in the status bar.

    Turned off due to YML file errors

    The YML file validation discovered critical errors.

    Turned off for changing data

    Store settings in Yandex.Webmaster were changed, so you should submit the store for checking.

How do I link the YML file?

To link the YML file, go to the Products and prices section and open the Data sourcestab. Complete these steps:

  1. Read the YML file requirements.

  2. Configure regular updates of the YML file. That is, configure the export of information about products and services from your database into the YML file.

  3. Place the YML file on your store's site. Then enter its URL in Yandex.Webmaster (Products and prices section).

    • Type the URL in the field and click Add.

    • Click the “Refresh” link next to the YML file status to update the check results. If the YML file status changed to “OK”, the check was passed successfully. If the YML file received the “Error” status, click thedetails link for more information.

  4. Click the green check mark button in the corresponding row to link the YML file that has passed the check.

How often is the YML file downloaded?

The YML file is downloaded from your site once a day.

Can I include links to other sites in the YML file?

It is not recommended. Links to sites other than the one from which the YML file was downloaded are ignored.

How do I specify the region and delivery price for the snippet?

Specify the regions where your store delivers in the "Delivery regions" field in the "Product and prices" section. The users of these regions can see your store's special snippet.

You can specify the delivery price for the region where the store is located by entering it in the delivery-options element in the YML file. Users from your region can view the delivery price right on the search results page.

The moderator checks whether the site contains full information about delivery and whether it lists all delivery regions.

Is the size of data limited?

The maximum size of the YML file is 500 MB.

Are there any restrictions for geotargeting sites?

Geo targeting is generation of content depending on the user's region. The region is detected by the IP address. Unfortunately, such snippets aren't supported at the moment. You can improve snippets only for one region.

To improve snippets for different regions, you can create multiple regional sites and register them in Yandex.Webmaster.

Can Cyrillic domains take part in the program?

No. Currently, stores hosted on Cyrillic domains can't participate in the program.

Do snippets affect ranking?

No. The words in special snippets are not indexed and the existence of snippets does not affect the position of the store's site in search results.

How do I check that the snippets are displayed?

To check if the product snippets are shown, type the following query in the Yandex search box:


Note that you can specify the product page URL with or without the www prefix. It depends on which URL is included in the search.


Check if the the main page snippet shows the delivery information. Also, the product page snippets generated from the YML file should show the delivery information and prices.

If structured snippets aren't displayed, check out the possible reasons.

Why aren't my offers displayed in the structured snippets?

This can happen because:

The store's YML file contains errors or is unavailable for download.

Make sure that the Yandex robot can download your YML file and check if the file meets the technical requirements.

The check was passed less than 10 days ago.

Structured snippets for URLs listed in the YML file are displayed within 10 days from the check.

The YML file is located at the store's subdomain or in another domain.

The links to product offers in the YML file should not lead to a higher level domain or to another domain. The YML file won't be used to improve snippets if:

  • The YML file located at the lower level domain includes links to product listings with higher-level domains.


    Your store uses a second level domain http://magazin.ru. Your store's YML file is located at http://goods.magazin.ru/market.xml (third level domain). The YML file contains second level domain links to product offers http://magazin.ru/nokia5800.htm.

    We recommend placing the YML file at the main domain of your store's site.

  • The YML file is located on one domain, but the product offers links to product offers lead to another domain.


    Your store's YML file is located at http://magazin.ru/market.xml. The YML file contains links to product offers that look like http://shop.ru/nokia5800.htm.

    We recommend placing the YML file at the main domain of your store's site.

The product offer URLs have incorrect structure or contain additional labels and parameters.

The URL structure of your store's YML file must match RFC1738 standard:

http://<host>:<port>/<path>?<query string>

Typically, you don't have to specify the HTTP code, so the structure is like this:

http://<host>/<path>?<query string>

For example: http://www.magazin.ru/catalog/page.htm?from=market&_openstat=ad1

URL structure includes:

  • <хост> — The site domain. For example, www.magazin.ru.

  • <path> — The file path. Subfolders are separated with the “/” character. The path shouldn't contain parameters or the “?” and “;” characters. File path example: /catalog/folder/page.html

  • <query string> — A block of parameters separated from the <path> block with a question mark “?”. The query string can't contain the “?” and “/” characters. To separate parameters in a string, use the “&” character. Query string example: from=market&_openstat=ad1

    The most common parameters that are supported:

    • from=

    • partner=

    • utm_source=

    • utm_medium=

    • utm_campaign=

    • utm_term=

    • utm_content=

    • cid=

    • _openstat=

    • head=

    • licId =

    • ref=

    • reff=

    • r1=

    • r2=

    • aosid=

    • site=

Examples of URLs that don't meet RFC1738:


I place my products in Yandex.Market. Can I manage snippets in Yandex.Webmaster?

By default the snippet program for your store uses the settings and the YML file from Yandex.Market. To use different YML files and settings:

  1. Go to the Yandex.Market partner interface and turn off the Use the price list data in the Search option in the “Placement settings” section.

  2. Return to Yandex.Webmaster and register in the “Products and prices” section.

How can my site become a part of Yandex.Market?

Yandex.Market and the snippet improvement program use a common data transfer format. If you are a program member, it is easier for you to place your store's offers in Yandex.Market.

Learn more about Yandex.Market

I am an aggregator. Can I participate in the program?

Yes, your site can participate in the program, if you work with legal entities (registered businesses) and if each offer is placed on a separate page of your site.

Also, your site must meet the requirements for stores and companies.