Terms of cooperation

Yandex seeks to improve the representation of stores' sites in search results that match user search queries. For sellers taking part in the site representation improvement program, Yandex search will show special structured descriptions (snippets) that contain information about the store and its products or services. Information shown in the snippet is provided by the seller on the terms and conditions described in Requirements to the stores and the information provided.

Participation of a store in the snippet improvement program means that you accept the conditions described in the “Terms of cooperation”. You confirm this when you register the store in Yandex.Webmaster and select I have read the terms of cooperation and agree with it in the Products and prices section.


This is a special snippet for informational purposes. Yandex isn't responsible for the accuracy of information shown in the snippet. Release of guarantees terms described in the “User agreement” posted on the Internet at https://yandex.ru/support/legal/rules, fully apply to the information displayed in special snippets. Yandex reserves the right not to show a special snippet containing any information provided by the seller without explanation of the reasons.

You guarantee that the information you provide for display in a special snippet is accurate, complete, reliable, and meets the Requirements to the stores and the information provided. You're solely responsible for any inaccuracies, errors or other deficiencies in the information provided by you and thereafter shown in the special snippet, as well as for failure to update this information. If the information provided differs from the information posted on the store site, the cooperation under the snippet improvement program may be discontinued.

Requirements to the stores and the information provided

To provide information about your store:

  1. Enter the information about your store in the Products and prices section: the region and delivery service, contact details, and legal information.

  2. Prepare and upload a YML file with information about your products. Requirements for passing information and description of YML format can be found in the section Technical requirements.

Requirements for providing information about products:

  1. The program may include stores that are allowed to advertise their products in compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation. For more information, see the Regulations for placing advertisements on Yandex.
  2. Each product offer must be on a separate page with information about the name and price of the item.
  3. Product offers must be true and updated, that is:

    • The item name and description must correspond to the real product.

    • The price must be the final selling price including all taxes.

  4. Product offers must be without typos, written in correct Russian. Brand names and similar information is also accepted in the original language.
  5. The item name and description are meant to be read by users, not by the search robot, so they must consist of normal phrases rather than present a list of search terms.
  6. A product offer must not include:

    • Words typed in all caps. An exception is made for abbreviations like “the USSR”, “GOST”, and so on.;

    • Any HTML elements.

    • Lists and variations of the product title in the name of one product offer.

    • The words “discount”, “sale”, “cheap”, “gift” (except for gift categories), “free”, “promo”, “special price”, “special offer”, “novelty”, “new”, “identical”, “order”.

  7. Links to the store's site published as part of a product offer should lead to the relevant pages of the store's site with the product description and price.
  8. Product pages must not use elements that open a new browser window (pop-ups or pop-unders) or lead to another page without the user's permission (redirect).
  9. Information about used products, products with incomplete packaging or discounted items.
  10. The store works with individuals or with individuals and legal entities. The store products can be purchased at retail.
  11. If you are an aggregator, you are subject to the same requirements for the information provided and the quality of the data. Only aggregators working with legal entities can participate in the program. We can't accept aggregators presenting offers from individuals on their site, as well as offers of used products.

Presentation of information on the store's site

  1. The store's site is located in an English language domain. Currently, stores hosted on Cyrillic domains can't participate in the program.
  2. The store's site as a whole and all product pages must be in working order and be available to any user without prior registration.
  3. The store's site must include reliable information about the seller of products or services. It should contain complete information about delivery if it is offered.
  4. The store's site must contain a telephone number for answering questions from customers during business hours.
  5. The customer must have access to full information about the product offer without registration.