This section contains tips on how to follow common recommendations in Site diagnostics in Yandex.Webmaster. The recommendations help you improve the site's representation in search results.
Tip. Configure notifications about the results of site monitoring.
  1. Site subdomains found in search results
  2. Site region is not set
  3. Yandex Business Directory created a company card
  4. The site is not registered in Yandex Business Directory
  5. Favicon file not found

Site subdomains found in search results

This notification appears once when Yandex.Webmaster gets search results with a subdomain of your site that has not been added to the service. To receive similar messages in the future, configure the notification “About subdomains” for the top-level domain.

If you want to track the status of a found subdomain in search, add it to Yandex.Webmaster and confirm your site management rights (you can use simplified confirmation).

If the subdomain should not be present in the search results, we recommend removing it from the search.

Site region is not set

Site regionality can be taken into account when displaying search results for location-dependent requests. For example, when a user from Moscow searches for information about car servicing using the request [auto repair]. Most likely, they want to find the nearest car service garage. In this case, if the site is assigned the region Moscow or Russia, the site will be displayed in the search results.

Which sites need regional assignment

How to choose the right region for a website

Yandex Business Directory created a company card

Yandex Business Directory can generate a company card based on the content of your site. After you check and confirm the content of the card, within three days the information will be displayed in the search results and on Yandex.Maps. Learn more

After checking the information in the company card, click Data is up to date. This way you can confirm your company's management rights and the information in Yandex Business Directory. The card will be sent for moderation.

The site is not registered in Yandex Business Directory

If the site is added to Yandex Business Directory, but this message continues to be displayed in Yandex.Webmaster, go to Yandex Business Directory and make sure that:

  • The company card has been approved.
  • More than one week has passed since the organization was added to Yandex Business Directory.
  • The site address is the same as in Yandex.Webmaster – either with or without the www prefix and with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol.
  • The main page of the site is specified (for example,

Favicon file not found

This means that your site does not have a favicon and you should add one. The recommendation will disappear in Yandex.Webmaster when the robot loads the favicon and it starts to appear in the search results.