Questions and answers

What does Yandex consider an original text?

An original text is a text you would like to publish on your site that has 500-32,000 characters and is not available anywhere else online.

Why do I have to inform you when I have original text?

We are constantly indexing new pages and text, but we do our best to show users the originals. If something new and interesting is published on your site, it will probably show up on other sites soon as well. That's why we give you the chance to let us know ahead of time when you want to publish new text on your site.

We try to use the data gathered from you when setting up our algorithms. On the other hand, we don't guarantee that the information you give us will directly affect how our search algorithms work.

How do I let you know that text is original?

To notify Yandex about an original text on your site, upload the whole text in the form prior to publishing it. Once you successfully add the text, you can publish it on your site and be sure that Yandex is aware of it.

Can I combine multiple texts?

Our ranking algorithms look for texts that are published in their entirety on a single page. Texts pulled from different pages will not be taken into account.

What do I do if the text has more than 32,000 characters?

You can split it in two parts and add it through the Original Content form.

How many texts can I add for a single site?

You can add no more than 100 texts per site per day.

What if...

Somebody else already published my text? Will Yandex use the information I provide?

Answer: No, it won't.

Question: What happens if I upload a text that is not an original?

Answer: We will ignore your request.

Can I upload text with HTML markup?

The text must be added as seen by users, without HTML markup.