FAQ on site adding

How long do I have to wait until my site gets into Yandex?

We do not forecast the time for site indexing, nor can we guarantee that this or that site will be indexed. Usually, a few days to two weeks pass from the moment the robot is notified of the site's existence to the moment its pages appear in the search results.

Yandex does not index my site at all. Why?

If the site you added has not been indexed yet, it does not necessarily mean that the robot does not know about it. It is possible that the robot just did not have enough time to index your site, or that the site indexing is prohibited.

Why are some pages of the section not indexed?

Most likely, there was not enough time for the robot to access the site from the moment when the robot got notified of it.

If the section contains no errors, don't worry: all the other pages will be finally indexed, given time.

My site has moved (its URL has changed). What shall I do?

Notify the robot of the new site using the New site notification form. If there is one-to-one correspondence between all the pages of the new site and all the pages of the old site, make all the requests directed at the old address return error 301 ( “Moved Permanently” ), and the Location field point to the correspondent URL of the new site. If the old site was closed down, you can speed up its deletion from the index using the Delete URL form.

My site resides on a foreign domain. Will Yandex index it?

Yes, it will. Sites that contain pages in Russian, Ukrainian or Byelorussian languages are indexed automatically. Sites in English, German or French are indexed if they may be interesting to users. If your site is not indexed but you believe it may be interesting to Yandex users, use the New site notification form to make the robot know about your site.

I added a site to Yandex using a service for automatic registration in search engines. Why is my site not indexed?

You can only add sites to our search database using the form on the New site notification page. According to the License agreement for Yandex search engine, the pages added using an automated system will not be included into the search database. You can notify Yandex of the new site by adding it to a section in My sites.

How to add a site with a Cyrillic URL?

You can specify the domain name in any way you like, Latin or Cyrillic. A Cyrillic domain name will be converted into Punycode automatically. For a Cyrillic domain, the encoding of the page URL should be the same as the encoding of the page.