Bonuses for friends

Invite friends to register as performers and get a share of their income in Toloka.

  1. Open the Bonuses for friends page in .
  2. Copy and send the link or share it on a social network.

The invite link can't be distributed with advertising or hidden methods.

Prohibited ways to distribute the invite link
  • Contextual advertising
  • Email mailing list
  • PopUp / ClickUnder
  • Doorway traffic
  • Incent traffic
  • Toolbar
  • Adult traffic

Rules for calculating and awarding the bonus apply from the date of the launch and can only be modified by Yandex.Toloka. You will be notified of any changes to the rules with a in Toloka.

The updated version of the rules is published on this page.

Calculating bonuses for friends

The bonus is 5% of the price of tasks completed by the friend and accepted by the requester, or of the bonus amount received by a friend. Bonuses for all friends are combined.

Restriction. The detailed calculation of bonus is not provided.

If you are blocked for violating the User Agreement, the bonus is not awarded.

A month after a friend registers, their completed tasks are excluded from the bonus calculation.

Awarding the bonus for friends

The bonus amount is credited to your Toloka account no more than once a day for tasks completed by friends and accepted by the requester during the previous day.

The bonus is awarded with accuracy up to $0.01.