Can Yandex.Site Search search several sites?

    Yes. Yandex.Site Search allows you to add 200 sites to the search scope. If you need to arrange a search for a greater number of sites for certain topics, create a new . A theme can include up to 100 thousand sites. After successfully passing moderation, you can add a theme to the search scope.

    Can I set up a search involving sites that I don't own?

    Yes. You can customize searches involving any sites that Yandex's robot has access to.

    My site has several mirrors. Which mirror will be searched?

    Search results will lead to the site's main mirror.

    Which of the site's pages will participate in search?

    Only site pages indexed by Yandex will participate in search.

    Can a search form be created using an editor built into a CMS?

    We do not recommend inserting form code in HTML editors that form part of a CMS.

    Some HTML editors try to secure the text entered before publishing it. For this reason, even if you switch from visual editing mode to HTML editing mode, the form's script on the edited page may remain non-functioning.

    To guarantee that the form's script will work correctly, insert the form's code directly into the HTML code of the appropriate page. If your site uses HTML templates, then insert the form's code into a template file.

    How can I enable advertising in Yandex Site Search?

    If you want to embed advertising, you can place ad blocks on the desired pages. To do this you can use the Yandex Advertising Network.

    Yandex does not insert ad blocks on your pages itself. Until you embed your own ads, they will not appear in search results.

    My site was made using frameset. Can I display search results on this kind of page?

    No. Yandex.Site Search does not support frames.

    How can I find my site's IP address?

    For web hosting with standard settings, you can find the site's IP address the following ways:

    1. Use an "IP lookup" service. For example, like this: http://www.whois.net.

    2. Perform the command ping in the command console to find out your site's domain. (To open the command console in Windows, press Windows+R, enter cmd in the window that opens up and press the ОКbutton).

      An example of the ping call command:

      ping example.com

      The system will automatically determine the site's IP address and display it in the console.

    In some cases, the site's IP address does not coincide with the IP address of the server that sends your HTTP requests. In this case, contact your hosting support service for information.