Requirements and restrictions for Session Replay 1.0

Limit on period for storing recordings
Attention. Data is stored for 15 days, including the current day.
Limit on number of recordings per day
Session Replay records up to 150,000 sessions a day with a margin of error. The system provides a representative sample by recording a spread of sessions throughout the day.
Recommended site encoding
Session Replay records user actions correctly if UTF-8 encoding is used on the site.
Valid HTML layout on pages
If there are a large number of HTML markup errors (unclosed tags, incorrect nestings, etc.), this may lead to inaccuracies in session replays. Session Replay usually adapts to such errors, but having correct HTML structure on site pages is preferable.
Recording pages with flexible layout
Sessions on pages with flexible layouts will be replayed correctly, even if the resolution of the user’s screen is not the same as the replay screen. During playback, you might see small cursor jumps due to different relative positioning of elements on the recorded and replayed pages.
Browser support

Session Replay supports recording in most modern desktop browsers: Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer. There is limited support for recording sessions in beta versions and in certain mobile browsers.

Different browsers may process the same page in different ways. This means that to accurately replay a session, you should use the same browser as it was originally recorded in.