“User parameters” report

To view the report: Reports → Standard reports → Contents → User parameters.

  1. Ways to use this report
  2. Conditions for getting the report
  3. Report structure and settings

Ways to use this report

Receive statistics for a specific user type

For example, you can divide your data between regular users and partners. To do this, transmit user status information to Yandex.Metrica as shown in this example.

Collect statistics from data provided in forms on your website
For example, you can add a field to a form that has information that's important to you and then transmit it to Yandex.Metrica, as shown in the example.

Conditions for getting the report

To generate a report, you need to transmit your site user parameters to Yandex.Metrica using the JavaScript API.

Note. Parameters sent to Yandex.Metrica are stored for two years after the last upload. When the retention period ends, the data is no longer displayed in the report.

Report structure and settings

The report may contain information that Yandex.Metrica doesn't collect by default, such as:

  • Information only available to site owners (for instance, the service class of site users).
  • Information about the activity of registered site users, accessible by the website.

Data in the report is grouped by the parameters you transmit.

This report doesn't support Yandex.Metrica default settings. The data presented in the report can be added to other Yandex.Metrica reports via segmentation.