Scheduling automatic report generation

Yandex.Metrica can generate reports for you on a schedule. You can view a scheduled report in:
  • The Yandex.Metrica interface.
  • An email message.

In addition, the report can be created in the background if it takes a long time to load it in Yandex.Metrica.

A report can be requested by the tag owner or by a user with rights to edit the tag. If the user has read-only rights to view tag settings and statistics, they can only view a report that was ordered by someone else. For more information, see Managing tag access.

A report can be requested if the report page shows the icon. You can request a standard report, or an edited version or a report saved by a user.

  1. Getting a scheduled report
  2. Getting a report if it takes a long time to load
  3. Viewing the report in the Yandex.Metrica interface or email
  4. Extending or restarting report generation
  5. Canceling scheduled report generation

Getting a scheduled report

On the report page:

  1. Click .
  2. In the window that opens, fill in the following:

    • Report name.
    • Recipient's email. You can specify multiple email addresses separated with commas.
  3. Choose how often to generate the report:

    • daily – The report will be generated daily for two months.
    • once a week – The report will be generated every Monday for six months.
    • once a month– The report will be generated on the first of each month for 12 months.

    When you select one of the options, you will see the end date that indicates when you will stop receiving the report. You can move the date to extend the schedule.

  4. Click Save schedule. You will need to wait until the report is ready.

Getting a report if it takes a long time to load

In this case, the report page shows a window suggesting to prepare the report in the background. Click Request report and enter the information in the new window. You will need to wait until the report is ready.

Viewing the report in the Yandex.Metrica interface or email

When a report has been requested but hasn't been viewed yet, the Reports → Scheduled reports menu shows the icon. In Scheduled reports, you can find:

  • Prepared reports – Generated reports. You can also view a report on this tab by clicking the report line.
  • Active schedules – A list of reports that are generated on a regular basis. Here you can edit the email address, report name, and schedule for generating the report.
  • Archived schedules – A list of scheduled reports with a period that has ended, and reports that you canceled. On this tab, you can reopen a report request.

If you want to change the report settings (for instance, add a metric or dimension), go to the report in the Standard reports section in Yandex.Metrica and use the icon to request the report again.

Extending or restarting report generation

Here you can resume getting a report if the period for automatically generating the report has ended. Go to Reports → Requested reports and open the Archived schedules tab.

Click next to the desired report. The report will appear on the Prepared reports tab.

Canceling scheduled report generation

  1. Go to Reports → Requested reports.
  2. On the Prepared reports tab, click in the line for the desired report.

After this, the requested report will stop being delivered to your email and will be moved to the Archived schedules tab in Yandex.Metrica.

In some cases, report generation might be canceled automatically. For example:

  • Tag not found – The tag was deleted. The tag can be restored by its owner.

  • Tag owner not found – The login has been deleted for the user who created the schedule for this report.

  • User lost rights to tag – To restore access, contact the tag owner or a user with editing rights.

  • An error occurred while processing report parameters – Try creating the report and the schedule again.

You will receive an email message if any of these errors occur.